Five Tips for Brand New Players

Are you a novice with Pathfinder, Starfinder, or another roleplaying/tabletop game?  Perhaps you’ve seen us at a venue where we play, and you were unsure how to join?  Do you wish you knew more about what we’re doing?  We’ve got you covered with these simple tips to secure your seat at our next game.

Ask Questions

From our point of view, it’s never awkward or inconvenient for you to ask questions.  We’re all there because we love to play!  We can’t think of any fan who isn’t eager to take a moment to explain what is going on.  If you really don’t want to interrupt the game, you can always ask someone at the venue.  We typically play in game stores and cafes; so whoever is behind the counter will be able to answer your questions or point you to someone who can.  We also have a number of designated organizers–we call them Venture-Officers–who are meant to be resources for you.  If you don’t know who your local Venture-Officer is, contact us.  We’ll help you get started.


It’s common for new players to be anxious about the number of rules and options available in roleplaying games.  For example, Pathfinder has forty-something hardcover rule books published for it, Starfinder has four–and both have many more in queue on the release schedule.  However, it’s widely acknowledged among players that nobody can know all the rules.  No player should ever look down on another for not knowing a rule or being unaware of something.  (And if you encounter this, let us know!  We’re not keen on that kind of behavior.)  The more you play, the more facile you’ll become with the system.  In no time at all, you’ll be the one helping out novice gamers.


We have a few hundred gamers who frequent Organized Play events in and around the area.  Check us out!  Decide what you like about us and what aspects of gameplay suit you.  Ultimately, it’s your time; make sure it’s spent doing something you enjoy!

Each game table also has a different personality to it.  You’re welcome to pick and choose games based on any number of factors that appeal to your sensibilities and level of comfort.  We have boisterous gamers.  We have quieter venues.  We have adventures that range the gamut of sci-fi and fantasy.  Some play out more like a dinner party while others closely resemble Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots.  If you’re not sure which is for you, try a few.  If you want more information about a particular group, venue, or adventure, you can always ask.

Be Creative

One of the coolest aspects of roleplaying games is the myriad available options.  These games are meant to excite your imagination.  If you want to go on adventures as a gallant Robin-Hood-style hero, the Dread Pirate Roberts, or Barf from the movie Spaceballs, chances are you can do it–or come up with a pretty close approximation.

Have fun!

You don’t have to be the best or smartest or strongest player at the table to have fun.  Find what you enjoy, and do it.

Have you discovered some tips or strategies that work for you?  Share them with us!  We love to hear from you.

Welcome to Organized Play!

In Organized Play, you are a member of an adventuring group, seeking fortune and glory. At the same time, your character works for one of several competing factions, all with their own motivations and secrets.

Getting Started

Get a Society Number

​Organized Play assigns players a unique number that identifies them. This number is used to keep an online record of adventures played. Obtaining a number is easy: Ask your event coordinator for one, or simply go to Organized Play’s main site.

Click the “Pathfinder Society” link on the left-hand side of the screen. Click “Join the Pathfinder Society!” halfway down the page. If you do not have a account, you will need to create one.

Once you’ve created a account, you can create an Organized Play account. (Use the same number for Pathfinder Society, Pathfinder Card Game, and Starfinder Society play.) If you have a number and confirmation code (from a slip provided by a coordinator), choose the option for those who have already obtained a number. If not, then choose the option for those who need a number. Fill in a few simple questions, and you will be taken to your Pathfinder Society page. There should be your Pathfinder number in the middle of the screen. Take note of this number, as you’ll need it to provide it to GMs to record your sessions! You can always get to this page again by signing into your account, clicking the “​Pathfinder Society​” logo, and choosing “​My Pathfinder Society​” from the gray bar near the top of the page.

Download the Guide

Paizo has a free guide to Organized Play. When logged into your account, go to the “Pathfinder Society” logo, and then click “Player Resources” in the sidebar on the right. This page has links to several items you will find useful to have at your disposal. Click on the product page for the guide, where you can choose “Add to Downloads” below the “Our Price: FREE” text. Your account keeps a list of PDF files that you have gotten from them, and will notify you via e-mail if one of them gets updated.

To access your Downloads, click the “My Downloads” link at the very top of the page. This will take you to your list of downloadable items. Click the link for the Guide to open or save the file.

Find a Game​

We maintain a calendar of games held at nearby venues. Check out the schedule on Warhorn.

Find a game that interests you and follow the link on the calendar to sign-up! We welcome players of all experience levels. Whether you’re a veteran or completely new, sign-up and join us. We have pre-generated characters you can use for a game, and the rewards they earn can be applied to a character you create yourself! You don’t need to bring anything other than yourself and it’s a great way to see if Organized Play is for you.

Contact us:

Do you have any questions? Comments? Suggestions? Need help creating a character? Feel free to contact us.