April 2019 Industry Interview: Cosmo Eisele

For the past six months, the Metro Boston Venture Corps has been trying something new: in lieu of our monthly in-person meetings (though sometimes supplementing), we’ve been having “Fireside Chats” with various members of the gaming industry. So far, we’ve chatted with Lyz Liddell, Kate Baker & Mike Kimmel, Crystal Malarsky, Hilary Moon Murphy, Shanna Germain, and Vanessa Hoskins. All of the videos of our chats with these creators are available on our YouTube channel.

On 4/5/19, we had the chance to chat with Cosmo Eisele, the Sales Associate at Paizo. We talked about the upcoming convention season (“shows” in sales lingo), the Starfinder Beginner Box, the Pathfinder Second Edition releases, how retail works in the gaming industry, and then a wild tangent into the Adventure Card Game.







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