New Boston Lodge T-Shirt! Order Now!

We’ve never had a Metro Boston Lodge T-Shirt, and since we’ve been adding new players and venues over the last few years, we think it’s high time we have a shirt to call our own.

When it came down to deciding on a design, we turned to some of our most active players for inspiration. We wanted to both represent our location and our spirit, and I think this new design captures both of those things!

ci mens

Note: there is a Women’s Shirt available in a V-Neck design!

We’re really excited about this new way to represent our Lodge at conventions, at gaming stores, and everywhere else. Rumor has it that wearing the shirt might provide an in-game benefit!

One of the best parts of these shirts are the prices! $20.92 for men’s shirts and $22.92 for the women’s V-neck! All payments are made directly to the shirt manufacturer, CustomInk, who will process payments once we meet the minimum order count of 48 shirts. We’re not profiting from the sale of these shirts, we just want to encourage that community feel! Expect delivery the first half of May of this year!

Order Now!

ci womens








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