Breaking News from Metro Boston for Friday, January 11, 2019

We’re Slackers

That’s right!  We have a Slack workspace.  Join us to chat and check out our latest announcements.

Kudos to Venture-Agent Natalie Kertzner for taking the lead on this project.  Thank you, Natalie!

PFS #8-99C: Solstice Scar, Part C

Last year at TotalCon, we offered Solstice Scar, Part B.  This coming TotalCon, we’re offering Solstice Scar, Part D.  Whatever happened to Part C?  We have you covered.  We’re doing a joint-venture with the folks in Rhode Island.  You can sign up to play here:

Kudos to Venture-Agent Joe Bouchard for taking the lead on this project!  Thank you, Joe!

Miniatures Painting Workshop

On Saturday, January 12, we have a painting workshop at Knight moves Cafe in Somerville.  Come on down and bring your RPG characters to life with a miniature that you painted yourself!

The always-awesome Carol Pandolph (Artist/Owner of The Muse’s Touch) will lead the workshop.

Internet Famous!

Did you know we have a YouTube channel?  Check us out.  If there are any topics you’d like to discuss or have us focus on, let us know.

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