Ten Things to Keep You Busy During the Holidays

The Metro Boston Lodge wishes you all a happy holiday season! Stay warm, stay happy, stay safe, and keep gaming!

Do you have some time on your hands coming up?  Do you need something to read on a plane, train, or automobile?  Do you need to get away from the holiday hustle and bustle for just a moment?  Don’t fret; we’ve got you covered whether you’ve got 5 hours to wait in an airport or 5 minutes to take your mind off the cold at a bus stop.

Here are some quick, easy reads with substance:

  1. How Men Can Become Better Allies to Women
  2. Five Ways Men Can Improve Gender Diversity at Work
  3. Why More Black Women Should Play Tabletop RPGs
  4. I Fit the Description (trigger warning: This piece contains a true account of fear and racism.)
  5. Men as Allies: Engaging Men to Advance Women in the Workplace

Here are some longer options, if you’ve got the time:

  1. More Fun and Games
  2. Pathfinder Tales Novels

If you get queasy while reading in a moving vehicle, here are some things to watch or listen to:

  1. 8 Women in Tabletop Gaming You Should be Following
  2. Creative Space with Monte Cook & Shanna Germain
  3. Watch A Mini-Documentary About A Group Of Girls Playing Dungeons & Dragons For The First Time


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