A chat with the Northeast Region’s RVC, June Soler

We recently chatted with one of Organized Play’s Regional Venture-Coordinators (RVC), June Soler, about conventions, Pathfinder, and a smattering of other topics. You can listen in here: https://youtu.be/53Fx2Q6efaQ

Did you know that you can find your local game organizers on Paizo’s Coordinators page?  If you have questions about finding a game, finding another type of event (such as a convention or charity fundraiser), game rules, or anything related to Organized Play, you can reach out to your local organizer!

If you don’t know what all these “Venture” titles mean, you can read the full description of their responsibilities on Paizo’s Volunteer page.  In the meantime, here’s a quick summary:

Regional Venture-Coordinator: Organized Play happens at many locations worldwide, and each RVC is in charge of a large region that might encompass several states or even multiple countries. RVCs are proven volunteers and serve as experienced resources in their territories.  Among a myriad of tasks, they help the Venture-Captains in their region with convention planning and with the logistics of managing local volunteers.

Venture-Captain: VCs are in charge of a large area–usually several towns, or even a whole state.  They’re familiar with the individual locations where Organized Play is offered, and they help local volunteers with tasks like scheduling, rules questions, etc.  They typically help setup Organized Play at local conventions.

Venture-Lieutenant: VLs are the metaphorical “strong right hand” of their VC.  They aid with any or all tasks a VC might do–such as convention organizing.  They also play a strong role in the mentoring and recruitment of local volunteers such as Venture-Agents and Game Masters (GMs).  A VC typically has one VL to help them.  There might be exceptions in geographically large regions where it is impractical for one person to travel to each game venue.

Venture-Agent: VAs are typically in charge of Organized Play at one particular venue.  Venues are often friendly local game stores, libraries, cafes, and other places that permit gaming events on a regular basis.  VAs schedule which adventures and campaigns take place at each venue.  They manage sign-ups for GMs and players.


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