You matter!

In light of recent happenings at all sorts of venues for all manner of events around the country, we, the Metro Boston Lodge for Organized Play, would like to reiterate our pledge to the community:

  • If you feel unsafe,
  • If you need someone to walk with you to your car, or any other location,
  • If you had or have an issue with anyone (be they a random passerby, a convention guest, a convention volunteer, or a Venture-Officer), and you need someone to help you,
  • Or if you need assistance with anything,

We will help.

Don’t be afraid to interrupt anything we are doing. You and your safety, whoever you are, are more important than whatever we’re doing.

If you feel like you’ve witnessed or experienced something, please do not hesitate to sat something.

We will listen. We will believe you. We will step up, speak up, and, if necessary, bring others in.

(With thanks to Owen KC Stephens for the text and inspiration for the original pledge.)

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