Conversations about Gaming

Continuing our series of conversations about various aspects of gaming, Metro Boston Organized Play recently chatted with a gamer, Julie, who is brand new to Pathfinder.  Her first exposure was the Pathfinder Playtest system, and she candidly shared her thoughts with us.  If you’ve got a free moment, have a listen!

It’s interesting to note that Julie is a very experienced gamer and LARPer.  She simply hadn’t the opportunity to give Pathfinder (or Starfinder) a test drive.

If you missed our previous videos, you can subscribe to our channel.  Or you can view the videos individually:

  • Episode 1: Liz Lyddell talks about inclusivity and representation in gaming.
  • Episode 2: Kate Baker and Mike Kimmel talk about working as freelancers in the RPG industry.
  • Episode 3: Julie shares her thoughts about gaming in general and the Pathfinder Playtest in particular.

Disclaimer: We experienced technical problems during the first two recordings; sorry about the occasional dips in sound quality.  Stick with us; we’ll get better at this as we continue! 🙂

This November we’ll have a piece on painting miniatures.

If there are aspects about gaming or gaming-adjacent topics that you’d like to hear about, let us know!

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