Conversations about Gaming

Continuing our series of conversations about various aspects of gaming, Metro Boston Organized Play recently chatted with a gamer, Julie, who is brand new to Pathfinder.  Her first exposure was the Pathfinder Playtest system, and she candidly shared her thoughts with us.  If you’ve got a free moment, have a listen!

It’s interesting to note that Julie is a very experienced gamer and LARPer.  She simply hadn’t the opportunity to give Pathfinder (or Starfinder) a test drive.

If you missed our previous videos, you can subscribe to our channel.  Or you can view the videos individually:

  • Episode 1: Liz Lyddell talks about inclusivity and representation in gaming.
  • Episode 2: Kate Baker and Mike Kimmel talk about working as freelancers in the RPG industry.
  • Episode 3: Julie shares her thoughts about gaming in general and the Pathfinder Playtest in particular.

Disclaimer: We experienced technical problems during the first two recordings; sorry about the occasional dips in sound quality.  Stick with us; we’ll get better at this as we continue! 🙂

This November we’ll have a piece on painting miniatures.

If there are aspects about gaming or gaming-adjacent topics that you’d like to hear about, let us know!

By the Numbers: Metro Boston Stats for July, August, & September 2018

For the months of July, August and September in the Metro Boston region, we ran 105 blocks (tables) of games for 495 (non-unique) players.

These statistics include the following campaigns (game systems):

  • Pathfinder Society RPG
  • Pathfinder Society CORE
  • Pathfinder Society ACG
  • Pathfinder Playtest
  • Starfinder Society

(We have intentionally omitted data from Pathfinder Academy games that were run for kids ages 6-16.)

These stats include games run specifically at “Metro Boston” venues which currently are:

  • Barnes & Noble (Prudential)
  • Comicazi (Davis Square)
  • Knight Moves Cafe (Brookline)
  • Knight Moves Cafe (Somerville)
  • Omar’s World of Comics (Lexington)
  • Pandemonium Books and Games
  • Special Events

“Special Events” include:

  • Ladies’ Night
  • LGBTQA+ Game Day
  • Sensory Friendly Game Day (for autistic players)
  • TotalCon’s End-of-Summer Sizzler

Month by month stats are thus:

  • July: 34 tables for 157 players
  • August: 30 tables for 148 players
  • September: 41 tables for 190 players

Our counts intentionally deviate from the number of “reported” seats on Paizo’s system.  This is due, in part, to “casual” players.  For example: if someone walked in for a game at the End-of-Summer Sizzler because they want to give the Playtest a try, and they didn’t want to receive an Organized Play number, then they were included in our numbers above but not in Paizo’s system.  (We have no way of reporting them on the Paizo site because they eschewed getting a number.)

All players are welcome to join our games whether or not they choose to obtain an Organized Play number.