Making Games for Good

When we all stand up for each other, nobody is being knocked down. It generally benefits everyone to belong to organizations that are diverse, equal, and representative–whether or not you’re a member of an oppressed or underrepresented group. There are many organizational studies providing evidence that diversity improves problem solving, creativity, organizational flexibility, etc.

To help us understand the richness and complexity of inclusivity in games, the Venture-Officers of Metro Boston decided to forego our regular monthly meeting for a chat with Lyz Liddell. Lyz has been a writer and editor in the RPG gaming industry since about 2003. She is also an activist, musician, and cyclist.

Lyz also happens to work with Paizo, Inc. However, her participation in this conversation was as a private individual. Her thoughts are entirely her own and do not represent any company or entity.

With permission from all parties involved, we recorded our conversation. (The first few minutes was cut off due to a technical problem.) Here it is:


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