The More You Know

Here are a handful of things that your local Organized Play volunteers in Metro Boston do for the community that you might not know about.

We schedule a variety of inclusive events.

About once every two or three months, we have a Ladies’ Night event.  This is a safe space for women to play without worry of mansplaining and similar behavior.  Most importantly, what happens at Ladies’ Night stays at Ladies’ Night.  (editor’s note: They won’t even tell me about it! –RD)

Roughly once every two or three months, we have a LGBTQA+ event.  This is a place for queer gamers of all varieties to get together and play.

Once every 4 to six months, give or take, we have a “Sensory Friendly” game day.  This is an event for players who are sensitive to loud noise and chaos.  GMs for these events are especially aware of the needs of those on the Autism spectrum.

About once or twice a month we have a Family Night event.  These events are geared towards kids from 6 to 16 and their families.  GMs for these events undergo a CORI background check. Parents/guardians are asked to play with their kids. It keeps them informed about the activity, and helps the kids feel supported.

Once or twice a year we have charity game days.  At these games, players and venues can donate to some of the charities we support, including: Boston Children’s Hospital, Read to a Child, Somerville Homeless Coalition, Women’s Bar Foundation, and Medford High School’s Hope Chest.

We take requests!

Is there an adventure you missed that you really wanted to play?  Do you need one more high-level scenario before you can play a Seeker arc?  Are you missing one part of a multi-part game?  Let us know!  We’ll find someplace to put it in the schedule.

We can (sometimes) help with record keeping irregularities.

Typos happen.  Chronicle sheets get lost.  If you’re missing records for an adventure that you played, let us know.  We might be able to help.  However, depending on the nature of the problem, we might have to kick it up to Paizo’s customer support team.  We don’t have access to everything!

We love to give you boons! (when we can)

You can think of boons as special “unlocks” for gameplay that grant you access to features that are not typically available in Organized Play.  Boons vary wildly.  Some give you a bonus to certain skills or abilities.  Others can add flavor to your role playing.  Some let you play an unusual character–such as a vine leshy.  Typically, players have access to boons though Organized Play at conventions.  Starting in Feb 2017, Paizo rolled out the Regional Support Program (RSP).  At RSP events, you also have the opportunity to win boons.  In Metro Boston, the following are RSP events for 2018: Ladies’ Night, LGBTQA+ Night, games at Barnes & Noble, and Charity Game Days.  In 2019, we may have different events that fall under the RSP umbrella.

If you have any other questions about what Metro Boston Organized play volunteers can do for you, just ask.  We love to hear from you.

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