Player Profile – Terry Bruno

Just the facts:

  • Lives in Bedford with her husband Allan and dogs Josie and Chip
  • Frequents Comicazi, GamingEtc, and Knight Moves (Somerville)
  • Played DnD from 1978-1981 and started PFS/SFS in 2016

Q: You played D&D back in the 70s, right? Tell us about that.

It was at the University of Illinois. Some graduate Astronomy students pulled together a game and Allan and I played. We hadn’t heard of iD&D and didn’t know anything about it – but I had a blast. We played AD&D – I had one slim book with the rules for players. We rolled up our characters with dice and things were a lot simpler. We didn’t use maps or minis and there were no skills, feats or other characteristics of characters, just the six abilities. I had two characters, an elf rogue named Ram and a human cleric named Nasea. When I started playing again I tried to find my old book and character sheets, but no luck!

Q: How did you get into organized play here in Boston?

After I retired I was thinking of fun things I had time to do now. My daughter, my nephew and my downstairs tenants all were playing RPGs so I knew they were popular again and I had enjoyed it a lot way back when so I tried to find a way to get back into it. One of my downstairs tenants suggested Pathfinder and I saw a meetup listing at Comicazi, a comics store very near my apartment, so I went there one Thursday night with nothing but some dice.

Lisa Neilson was GMing and I ended up playing the pre-gen wizard, Ezren. There were some very nice folks at my table who helped me figure out what was going on. I learned about player signups on Warhorn and started going to games in my area (Somerville/Cambridge).

Q: You’re known as somewhat of a baker around the lodge. I know I’ve eaten my fair share of those ginger cookies. What’s your favorite thing to make?

Chocolate Pound Cake.

Q: Alright, time for a hard question: Starfinder or Pathfinder?

Pathfinder right now, just because I know it better at this point and have more characters. In general, I prefer the science fiction setting and I may end up preferring SFS in the long run.

Q: Who is your favorite character you’ve created and why?

This is almost like asking who your favorite child is, no way to pick, but I will mention my top three.

  1. Viv, arrogant Elven archer-first RPG character
  2. Martha, painfully shy, stuttering librarian-she kicks ass!
  3. Atticus, cowardly chemistry grad student-everyone “gets” him.

Q: What’s something interesting that people probably don’t know about you?

I was a competitive carriage driver and horse show judge.


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